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1. All Hail The Wise

Die by my hand, another night another day; The curse goes on and on; Those who live by the sword, they'll die crushed by the horde; By revenge by the word. ; Hail; Can not understand, these prophetic ...

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2. Let The Payback Time Begin

There is no light, they live in the night; In the night and silence, and out of sight; Evil god below, good god above; About their existence, you'll never know; It's time to go, black spirit's float; ...

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3. Robe Of Immortality

This is the final station of my sinful life; Praying for mercy, afraid for the life; Dignity, honesty floating through night, over the graves; No one can help me now; Behold the white light on the end...

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4. Under The Pillory

I look at the sky, it's reflecting your miserable face; Sound from your mouth, below, the envy ornated with lies; Where are you now, you said you're better than me; Now is your chance, show to me your...

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