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1. Break Inside

System on overdrive; System on overdrive; Do; Don't you want? Do; When I fall asleep I leave the Tv on; Flashes in my head ringing strong; It doesn't mean that; We're not alone yet; This is the night ...

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2. Channel Pressure

Welcome to the system Ii; We can make your dreams come true; Feeling Channel Pressure? Want to live forever? Channel Pressure

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3. Emergency Room

All the way to emergency room; Ambulance inertia, I'm okay; Although I'm banged up; Voices are going away

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4. I Surrender

Talk to me for a minute; Wait for me; I'm totally committed; Wait for me; I surrender

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5. Joey Rogers

Joey; Joey Rogers; Needs another system Ii; Joey's in the driveway; Father doesn't have a clue; Sitting by the window; Sitting waiting for his cue; Joey; Joey Rogers; Your purpose is true

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6. The Voices

Now I'm alone and the Tv's on; It's the color of power rock; There's no way I can turn it off; It's the colors of my mind; Can't stand being alone with you tonight; The voices; I hear voices in stereo...

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7. Too Much Midi (please Forgive Me)

Can they hear me? Through the tv; Even though you hear it joey; So far away; Too much Midi; Please forgive me; Through the Tv; I'm on the freeway; In my fairlight; They say I'm crazy; Makin sure these...

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8. World Of Regret

In the beginning; Who would have guessed; This situation; Abnormal at best; Lifelike and vivid; Clear and Direct; Anticipating; Worlds of Regret; Control the Midi; Tempo of hearts; Communication; Brea...

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