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1. Battle Call

Won't shut our eyes; Won't close our minds; Our flame will always; Always burn bright; We lifted our banner; For everyone to see; Each song's a battle call; We've always been for real; Our blood is th...

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2. Brothers In Arms

Do you see all these bluring faces; My brother, my eternal guide; The one that kept me warm; Even in the coldest darkest nights; But now we'll show this world; That ink doesn't flow; I won't let you g...

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3. Good Times Ahead

I found my destination here; This time I found my direction; I'm spreading the word to all open ears; Open minds I'll have your attention; But this's not the time; To tell the truth from lies; It's ju...

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4. Hybris

"Good evening ladies and gentelmen; Would you, please, welcome with me; The legends of Ibbtown Straight Edge..."; Let's go!!! Tonight we're gonna fuckin' blow this stage away; Tonight we're gonna live...

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5. Snow Falling On Cedars

I threw a thousand awkward smiles towards eyes; That sente shivers down my spine; That made my heart grow cold and blind; Left me alone and bleeding; Swallowed all the poisoned apples I was fed; But n...

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6. The Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch

The relativity of all I think is right; Sometimes makes me wanna hide; Should I lift my banner; And show the world - What is inside; But your convictions are made of steel; You say to no one you will ...

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