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1. Hopeless

How it's hard for me find the truth in your eyes; They don't recognize me; Like I have never seen before; How can I discover the truth in your lies; I made my tries; Trying to break; The wall between ...

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2. I Didn't Desearve It

I thought I was a good person; With all my tasks making my mind busy; And all the moments that with you I spent; Now I realize that was only fantasy; Remember when we spent hours on the sand; We didn'...

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3. One Step To The Miracle

One Step To The Miracle; Don't try to scape of me tonight; The chance will come, will come for us, A chance to put a brief smile; in our face, to say goodbye; for all pain we cannot take, be careful t...

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4. Overtaking The Limits

Overtaking The Limits; I've seen the brightest stars shining on my way; Saying that I have to complete the goals; and ride on glory fame and pride; 'Cause we deserve to seize the day, for heaven sake;...

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5. The Universe

In the beggining was the darkness; And suddenly something explodes; Born a system that expands infinitely; To a place beyond the limits of existence; In many was never imagined before; The hand of pro...

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6. What We Call Life

What We Call Life? In Life we must act; We have to accept the things; and must react the fact; that we do not know what it brings; Life is so unfair; the real cicle of life; must be backwards; Sometim...

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