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1. Devil Standing Alone

Some might say in the moments not yet seen; There's a truth, an answer for most anything; But sometimes desire calls for reckoning; The entire world around me closes in; ..takes me in and leaves me nu...

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2. Lie To Me

I burn inside, as 'we' becomes 'me'; The seconds creep by; The flames subside; Leaving me cold; As your words come alive; Going under; Pull me under; Lie to me; Over again, and again; Faking empathy; ...

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3. Takedown

With her eyes she asks for more; Perfect 10 head to the floor; Every inch of her adored; (take her down break her down); As she pulls you of your feet; Nervous hands and shaking knees; Not a chance sh...

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4. Time Is Running Out

This house of pain is where I live; Blood sweat and tears are all I give; You'll never break me down no; Never ever; A time of sacrifice you see; You live to take it all from me; I'll never be control...

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