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1. Bent Of The Topography

It punctures the side of the model we favoured; If this is the death of the Ptolemaic, where can't we stand? These city lights reveal the depths of the maw of progress; Did they tell you you'd belong?...

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2. Delay The Fiasco

In from behind all the rubble of the broken forms and shapes I; Wander the hallowed halls of an ancient masterplan; Where's our constitution? The opposition can follow, for all I care; They can't work...

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3. Deportation And Return

At least on the outside; There's a market for these painful poses; Wrapped around your world; And when we're on the outside; There's a market force that's smooth and silent; Wrapped around your world;...

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4. Roto-chapella (for David Raposo)

We sold all our afternoons; And we made the selling proof; Of the way it wraps around; And chokes us out; We're out; And I can't win; We sold all our days of rest; And we made the words attest; To the...

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5. The New Science

Are your stopgap skills always attuned to the abuse of; Our trust in an answer? You learned enough to know just how to fake it; Abuse of a means, abuse of a method; Just wait ‘til it's marked down; ...

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6. Tuesday's Fire

So little word of you coming; You caught us lying down and relaxing out loud; The world reamed; For the sake of a new solution; That could fade away as quickly as it came; If I could fall asleep, woul...

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7. Unter Ihrem Sitz

With storms outside; All bets are off for a moment's repose; With nature's fury mixed into the air; There's no telling; There's no safe return; I wait under the; Guise of old orders; Just hold until; ...

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