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1. Easy Way

All the things we've done; It's like we're living on the run; We never took the easy way; I'll tell you that this life aint free; Why can't we just, Eat and drink like kings; We never took a like to f...

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2. Hold Your Breath

I was the picture on your wall; Near your bed and collection of coffee mugs; Be the one to let you fall; When you just want a little; (I just want a little bit more); I'll see you when the room stops ...

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3. Not Like I Like You

You made me realize I was your boy; It's what you want, what you wanted, babe; Now that I look back; It was you who wasn't listening; I was always giving in; Pieces and pieces of broken hearts mislead...

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4. Some Things

I'm not gonna whisper; Bad words on a Sunday; I'll curse your name at the river; To make me feel much better; And I'm not gonna keep it; Your dirty little secret; Where we made love on the weekends; I...

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5. The Revolution

I'm the type of kid to push away girls like you; Who get too close to me; This ain't your front porch on division street; Where you crashed your car; And then you blamed it on a sneeze; Well god bless...

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6. The River

Lay down so I don't feel so sick; Get lost and dream Los Angeles; Wake up when I found the river; Lay low and walk down lazy streets; With a peace sign cut from a magazine; Wake up when I found the ri...

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7. Where The Heartache Is

Where did you go when you hit your bones; Baby are you smiling? It's been a long long time; And a long summer long; And I've been waiting; Don't miss a beat; On decision street; Everybody's singing to...

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