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1. Dread

Behold the ancient sky; Rise, the stars subside; Fall, face the night; Seven dark sins, roll dice; Belated blessings pass by; Tendrils of life running dry; The dread of the sunrise arrives; Untold, da...

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2. Into Red

In the smallest hour; night´s black like obsidian; Straight from the depths of white tipped; waves comes streams of dreams undone; We tread, tired and true, from pale green to blessed blue; in depths ...

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3. Starling

I find myself Standing here again... And things I thought would be a little changed; but in a world of opposite intentions; who really cares; Over and over and over again; Hands to feed me; Hands to b...

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4. Vertigo

Did you run your life into the ground; Waste away your time; Has Your life caught up to you; Clawing its way back; ; Wait in line for time to take its toll; No, not me, not I; Left this time you try e...

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5. Wake

With a Gaze that pierces all, earth stone and flesh; Over time the simple mind can pass the test; For the sign for the simple sign, that we, we know whats next; For the night, for the simple sight of ...

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