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1. Bez, Knows The Score

Rosey-cheeked; Checkered black & blue; He’s jumping hoops through the rings you ran around him; Sweating kerosene; Remembering how you set the sky alight; My scuffed knee’s deep in tragedy; And there’...

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2. Curtain Calls On Walkabouts

I wished away the bloody nose; Covered up the bruises; Sure I have my doubts but fathers so proud; He pats me on the back and sits me down; Says “good boy, you blew them out all by yourself”; The scho...

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3. Here's Looking @youkid

I'm all for image; But i don't wanna see you do your hair in the review mirror; I'm pretentious, vicious and surrepticious; With words like a well-dressed weapon; Another cheap-shot in the back of the...

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4. Mister Prozac

If I'm home suite or honeymoon in a glass room; My jealousy threw stones to it; I press my head against a star; To light up my thoughts or wish upon; I'm slipping through my village green blues; All a...

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5. Tell 'em They're Dreaming

I'm just a boy in an empty city; With vintage (mama) misery, A one night (ohoh) odyssey, So give my head a minute to get outta' living; And broken bone you're so alone; You just need that suede suit o...

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