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1. Daring To Pick Up

There are reasons; For the consequence we weigh; Somehow outspoken; It hardly hardly leaves you down; And though we sympathize; Nevertheless we fear it now; Every notion seems to pull you inside out; ...

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2. Lucifer For Now

She spills life with a tongue in her cheek; And a mad mad look in her eye; And I wait beneath the movement of the sky; To send me; She holds God in the palm of her heart; And I wait to see a spark; To...

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3. Merge

If i was king; I would rule the hands that you pray with; Shoved into dark aisles; Silhouette of my pain; We spoke wild; I was the fading; When you look at me that way; She stares laughing; The words ...

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4. More Than A Girl

Oh winsome wonders; Is she so bad; The wine king is drinking; Everything he had; Her heartmind judges right; Binds needy man; Shoots her mind; To rise again; She was the best girl i ever had rising; Y...

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5. Mother's Faith

Have you ever wanted to fly; I have i soared the mountain sky; Have you ever wanted to believe in; I was reaped by their lies; Alone; Come home; Have you ever wanted to cry; I have i rained on her flo...

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6. Simple Line Of Decline

Step inside; To the playground where we play; Where we're bought and sold; Every day; Image cast and glorified; We're doubtfully refined; And scornfully in time; Quickly mend take it in; We're celebra...

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7. Slip Slide Melting

She bends right through me. Run wicked ramble way. Come eve, come May, come in, I shovel pain with liquid shades. ; If I can lift this head melting hand, If I can death remans the same. If I can lift ...

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8. Softhand

Accidental Missionary man bleeds a softhand; You make me over and over; Turn poses in my head; And you left me burning; If I could; Every Babble cowers; Every stupid thing you say; Though I was your p...

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9. Swallow

Lights that chase the wild spaces; Where the moon lies; Makes it shapes forever; She says forever; We lie and tame; Every thought that claims us; Clouds fake faces of her; She knows me now; And we rid...

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10. Traces

You're deep rooted in exile; Is that the way you move; You turn off your good face; Is that the way you choose it; And you've learned to hate most; Is that the way you breed; In and out motion; Is tha...

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11. Travis Hoffman

Medicated misery takes you for every breath; Oh she means well; Tearing up the pieces that you left; Every suffocation; Every measure that your heart goes there; Your heart goes there; Waiting by the ...

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