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1. 22 (Twentytwo)

I was only twenty-two when I met you; But something stayed with me that day; Those games that you played turned me away; And now there's nothing I can say; We've lost the chance to make things right; ...

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2. Amy

She closes swollen eyes and tries to think; Of a time when things were different; Time brings change for the better so they say; But for her things will always stay the same; They always stayed the sa...

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3. Believe

You make me question my life, You make me wonder why; You make me trust in something; You make me want to try; But I always turn my blind eyes; I seem to let you slide; I know I'm missing something; I...

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4. Moving On

Another day goes by that I am without you; Another sleepless night thinking of you with someone else; It didn't take you long to move on; But what will you do? Who's gonna be there when he's gone? Thi...

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5. Set The Story Straight

It's time, alright! For us to stand up and fight; It's time, alright! To set the story straight tonight; I look around today; I see a messed up place; This world we live in; Doesn't have a clue; About...

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6. So Life Goes

All he wanted was a simple life of love; Someone notice he was there; But all he found were empty rooms of loneliness; No one seemed to even care; So this is life after all (x2); All she wanted was a ...

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7. Start Again

Remember when I told you; That this is what I have to do; Dumb reasons, but I knew it all; Nothing less and nothing more; You know it's true I made it; You know it's true I'm on my own; So far I've go...

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8. Strangers

Its over over now there's no use talking; Its over won't you just let go; Its over tell your story walking; Its over but you just forgot to say; What (what) you (you) want (want); Is all you've got; W...

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9. Summer Nights

It's not getting easier like they said; I can't get her face from out of my head; I'm spending hours by the phone; Finding how it feels to be alone; My head is spinning right around; My feet can't tou...

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10. The Next Time

Say something, do something; 'Cause she's walking out the door again; Be right back, you said that; You'd never leave her but you did; ... you're sorry; You'll never know what you've lost; 'Cause you'...

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11. Times Like These

Do do da do do da do do; Times like these are fading, Still we hesitate; I don't know why, We don't know why; Young and misbehaving. Laughing and never caring; What went wrong? Where did we go wrong? ...

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12. Unstuck

I don't want to be compared to you; So please don't tell me what to do; I'm okay on my own; This song just seems so far away; I pick up my guitar everyday; What am I doing wrong? Can we pick up from w...

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