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1. Bloody Knuckles

Bloody Knuckles; Your eyes. Are calling out to me. To kiss. The lips that push me back. It seems so long ago that you put your hand in mine. Like conduit. Though I know I could walk forever with you b...

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2. Breathe

With your head on my chest. Everything seems right. And the chill in the air. Doesn't seem so cold. I can feel your heart beating. And you can feel me breathing. Every breath I'm taking. Is for you an...

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3. Gravity

Gravity; With you in my arms. We float up in the sky. We float up in the heavens. Way up with the stars. We leave the world behind. We get lost looking into each others eyes. But as the old saying goe...

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4. Landmine

Landmine; There are so many things I want to say but I can't quite find the words today I just want you to know that in my heart I'm sorry. I led you on I let it go I was confused but now I know that ...

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5. Last Night

Last Night; I don't know why I can't look into your eyes tonight. Maybe it's because I'm leaving tomorrow. Maybe it's because I fell in love with you. All that we had. Will turn to dust. And blow away...

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6. Le Chateliers Principle

Le Chateliers Principle; You say you want to see me again. But how do I know it's not just another lie. It's been so long since you pushed me away. ; I can't think of anything you could have to say. B...

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7. Negativity Breeds Only Hostility

Negativity Breeds Only Hostility; Science tells us that every action in this world has and equal but opposite reaction. Spreading hatred and violence will bring you only sorrow and pain. You will die ...

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8. Never

Never; Please just kill me now. Finish what began. When you pulled out my heart. Left me bleeding on the ground. I never want to get up I'll forever stay down. Hiding in the dark. Where I'll never be ...

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9. Never Change

Never Change; Every day I live my life with no apologies. It doesn't matter what they think I've got my integrity. When I look in the mirror I like what I see. The only one I answer to is me. ; I'm ne...

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10. Ones And Zeros

Ones And Zeros; I came by to see you tonight. Did you get the message I stopped by. And if you were home. Would you have even let me in. I'm clinging to this scrap of what we had. But holding the phon...

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11. Questions

Questions; As I lay here in my bed. I dream of what we had. I dream of what we are and what we'll be. ; I think of all the good times. I think of all the bad. I think of all the times when we were all...

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12. Sunken Meadow Boardwalk

Sunken Meadow Boardwalk; Would it be too much to ask. For you to kiss my cheek . So that I could feel your lips. Get a taste of what could be. ; I wish that you could know. What I'm thinking now. But ...

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13. Take Me Back

Take Me Back; What if I came over now. Would you send me away. And what if I tried to call. Would you just hang up on me. ; Sometimes my words get away from me. And I'm not sure why. My temper gets th...

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14. The Emotion Within

I can't tell you how I feel about you. You need to see it in my eyes. There is nothing I can say to clarify. Or make you realize. How much I love you. How much you mean to me.

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15. The Inevitability Of Acheron

The Inevitability Of Acheron; The sands of time. Slip through my. Fingers and I. Cry. Though I try. ; My hindsight. Always falls short. And I can't. Let go of. My past.

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16. Thought Vs. Emotion

Thought Vs. Emotion; Why can't I. Just true to myself. It's clear. That you love me. ; You're just so perfect. I can't believe. This isn't a dream. Since you came into my life. My life will never be t...

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17. Three Of Spades

Three Of Spades; I want to take you out. Tonight. I want to see you in the starlight. You always look so beautiful to me. I want to take you by the hand. I have two hands. But just one heart. To give....

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18. Tough For Girls

Tough For Girls; With that song. On the radio. I could drive with you. ; Till time stood still. And it still. Wouldn't have been. Long enough. ; I wish that I could live this day forever. But I don't ...

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19. Undertow

Undertow; I drown. When I look into your eyes. When you look at me that way. There's so much I want to say. ; I die. A thousand deaths each time. Your heart is close to mine. And I can feel it beating...

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