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1. Blob Bunnies

We've come to all or nothing let's try this out; A red ocean cascades into the mouth; Scrape the pieces from my eyes but the blood; Just comes to nothing; Next to the big surprise; Blob bunnies flying...

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2. Desperate Urges

I need to express; My greatest need; All I desire; Is to release; My need to wee; Oh, I feel so strongly about this wee; It's everything that makes me be; If I did not need this piss; Think of all tho...

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3. Fade Away

It all started long ago; I was happy then, I know; There were just the little things; Until the hunger spread its wings; The diameter increase; Just seemed never to then cease; And say that the worst ...

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4. It'll Be Fine

She used to be such a sweet, sweet girl; But on that night she shattered my entire world; In the blink of an eye her innocence was gone; I never knew that this girl could be so wrong; She said; It'll ...

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5. Love Custard

Lost in a world brought down to its knees; Caught in a typhoon of semen and knob cheese; Forced to set sail in a world swept away; Doused in creamy peril since that fateful day; I mourn for those lost...

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6. Me and My Ironing Board

Deep in my heart, deep in my soul; There's something missing, I'm not whole; There is something I don't have; Nothing for you to grasp; All my nights I can't sleep; Knowing I am incomplete; I have not...

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7. On The Internet

Hey, where have I seen you before? You're that internet cam whore! The other day when I was surfing the net; Saw some pics of you getting wet. ; Seen your minge! (I've seen your); Seen your minge! (I'...

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8. Rohypnol Romance

These days it seems way too hard to introduce yourself; There is no way if you don't have money, looks and wealth; A drug of love seems to be my best friend; Tease all you want I'll get you in the end...

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9. Send Me West

Whoa mate I'm gonna stab ya; Whoa mate I'm gonna break your legs; I go to the park after dark; And I'll stab ya with my knife; Then I go home and smoke some weed; Then I'll go screw ya wife; I go outs...

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10. Strain Your Heart Out

Brown empties from my soul; To be sucked through this blackened hole; Eternity breathes a sigh of relief; An ecstasy at the end of grief; The room is enchanted with this blissful smell; Just sigh and ...

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11. Swallow (Or It's Going In Your Eye)

Swallow or it's going in your eye; Stings so bad you wish you could die; Felt this pain a million times; Can't escape the bloodshot line; Gargle or it's going up your nose; In your hair and down your ...

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12. The Ballad Of Kelly

Holy shit you're fucking disgusting; Your one ring must be rusting; I'd never put my finger inside; The deep dark depths where the orcs all hide; I'm not touching your Mt. Doom; And neither would Orla...

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13. The Curse

Lying here these robes are shed; I've played this moment so much in my head; But you can't; Or at least I won't; I don't know how you can bleed so much and not die; Every month it's everywhere how are...

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14. The Pickleweasel

He's coloured green and purple; And lives deep underground; He takes his victims skulls; And piles them in a mound; His unsuspecting prey; He kidnaps in the night; And takes them to his burrow; Lit by...

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15. Wank

Wank; Wank, wank, wank; I wanna wank; Wank in your eye; Wank in your ear; Wank in your nose; Wank in your mouth; Wank in your couch; Wank in your mum; Wank in your back door; Wank in your fucking shit...

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