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1. Burnt Around The Edges

Burnt Around the edges; You and gasoline; She was a book of matches; She lit you up; left you sifting though the ashes; Say there's nothing left; You can't reciprocate my desire; Lost your heart in th...

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2. Dead

If I could borrow all my tomorrows; Spend them all the day I'm sure I'd find a way to get you back; But my frustration, desperation; Is causing me the wither underneath the sky turned black; And it hu...

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3. Living Dangerously

I wonder, how fast this thing can go? I wonder if maybe I can fly; I wonder, will I find the nerve or will I swirl? Guess I'm about to learn; Hey, this is me living dangerously; Yeah, this is me livin...

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4. Tangled

I gave you my best and then you took it; And then you ground it into nothin' in your stinkin' dirty hands; If you were a man, you'd own up to it; Instead you cower in the corner, act like you don't un...

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