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1. Collide

You, you make my worlds collide, you make my life complete, you let them see me, see me fly. ; In this perfect world, our paths may never meet. May never comprise, or collide, collide, collide. ; (it'...

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2. Freeze Frame

She's Seventeen, painted Blue and Green. From the things you said, her innocence. Get around the way, you never asked to stay. The shadows last, the words you say; now go on.... ; chorus:; Don't Speak...

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3. Now She's 24

Blind her eyes begin with darkness in her mind; The left and right, inside her, cruel and kind; The past still haunts her now though she was just 15; and noone blames a girl as young as she was; She s...

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4. Splendid

So the day begins completely. Night time fades away discretely. New day and it's dawn, surround me. The taste of every day; Will come... And take my soul away; And now this splendid thing that stands ...

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