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1. Fear To Be Blind

Fear to Be Blind; Afraid of the haze,that can rids you off your sight. Pushing to the walls and also into men. Bizarre shadows haunting you, and annoying deadness swept your flesh. Luxuriate and yearn...

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2. Fragments

As we peer on us,we are special. Knowin‘ too much,how we live sideways. Neither over the soil nor over the sea, you won‘t find the way to us. Out of north-out of ice,out of death-our life,our luck... ...

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3. Hidden Scars

Hidden Scars; Luminous pain, love hath turned to misery. Bloody throes, hide the blade beneath the pillow. No mortal wound, no agony voyage to Heaven. Just haggard thirst for the end. Fragile vices, s...

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4. Illumination

Illumination; On the brink of enigma, the soul of man is forever now seized by seraphic nausea. Mystical is the abyss, which attracts our curiosity, by the terror from its depth. Infinite is the livin...

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5. Karma To Burn

Karma to Burn; Casket shows the narrow way, scales of grave curves to the sea. I pass thru armful of earth,thru the clefted shadow. Bowels of shoreless infinity,into the sphere of silence. An icy rain...

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6. Molitva

Molitva; Soft embalmer of still midnight, shutting with careful fingers and benign, our gloom-pleased eyes. Embowered from the light, enshaded in divine. Oh,Soothest Sleep,if so I please thee, close i...

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7. My Friend Of Worth

My Friend of Worth; So dying,as I saw him one day. My friend who threw a spark as a flash. So divine in my darkest youth, powerful and deep,like a hero at war. Among warmen like a mornigstar, among th...

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8. Pandemonium

Pandemonium; We had our abyss,wherever we have now to strid, it gone there with us. Enigma is everywhere, in dreams,in lust,in feat also in this word! Everywhere above,also below. Only trap of space l...

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9. Vacuum

Vacuum; A wave of loneliness multiplies my deepest fears. Pushing my soul away,I’m falling in silence. Free from my flesh,far away into the void, this vacant space of time. I fly like in illusion.Is i...

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