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1. Beezor Blues

Beezor Blues; Maybe you should have thought it through before you left me; for no reason at all; I still think about you but i could never take you back; This dream died the day you killed it; And it ...

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2. Broken Orbital

Lost and alone in your domestic hell. Constantly trying to keep your fists in check. But this war of attrition has worn you down. She'd better shut her fucking mouth or that bitch will taste the floor...

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3. Piss Up A Rope

Piss Up A Rope; Sorry but I don't take your punkass crew; Of fake friends too seriously; You can mask a cowards heart; With some more plugs and tattoos; But dont try too hard; Cause you cant hide the ...

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4. Up All Night

Up All Night; I despise everything you are; No fucking job so you turn to crime; You fucking make me sick; Degenerate piece of shit; Worthless, thieving, son of a bitch; You have no respect for the wo...

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