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1. I Give You My Life Lord

Since I was born, dreaming live with you lord. Today dreaming with you,wait for you anxiously. Before, people thought that you,today you look with caution. Tomorrow,will kneel at your feet. The days a...

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2. I Love My God

Take a minute and think about what is most important in your life. Some time ago, that question made me more sure now I have my answer. Jesus was the man who died on that cross for me, showed me his g...

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3. Lord, Love You

The story begins...god told adam and eve not to eat of the fruit and disobeyed prohibited. More they barely covered the world,making people kill themselves,whoring,stealing and lying. God sent his onl...

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4. Tomorrow Will Be One

Today we,tomorrow will be one. All are united by a single,beautiful and wonderful God. Whenever you have followed paths, follow carry my cross,and the path to sin, God will help me rise. His love is s...

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5. Worthy Is The Lord

A while ago,I was alone,without ground,bitter and sad. Then I met a friend who told me about God. The words he said were beautiful, Wonderful and breathtaking. Those words touched me in a way inesplic...

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6. You Are My Savior

You have the assurance of salvation? How many times have welcomed someone sad? Are you happy with the life God has given you? Would you die for God? And how many times I whined for something to go wro...

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