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1. Another Life Of Our World

Another Life Of Our World; On the decline of the that life our pride has been left; What was in the past, in emptiness has swept; The road of destiny is sinking in darkness; And the eternal memory is ...

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2. Impact Of Gods

Impact Of Gods; From the sky, which is tightened by clouds, The thunder is reaching us; Flashes of a lightnings are shinning this night; We are given a sign; (we) hear great voices of gods; People for...

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3. The Day Of Ragnarok

The Day Of Ragnarok; The sky is tightened by clouds; And the wind is carring his dance... ... it is The Last fight; At the top of the ash; The Eagle is Sitting; ... He knows the outcome; By the broken...

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4. The End Is Closer

The End Is Closer; The end of life is closer; I feel a touch of the wind on my face; The instant...there's nobody here; We are rolling in utterdarkness; An Eternal wisdom is losing the value; Our life...

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5. World Of Wisdom

World Of Wisdom; In the orladas of wisdom where the truth is born; In the world of struggling for a survival; Those days of ancestors when gods were with us; Those days of great fights when our banner...

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