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1. Back to the Sunrise

Still crazed, sugar glazed; I refuse to act my age; I can be cool, I can believe; Happy to be here; When can I leave, when can I leave; All that I hope for, all that I need; The back of the closet the...

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2. Barricade

sweaty palms and cluttered mind; slouch on the couch with me; dizzy, nervous, we probably don't deserve it; we might as well try and see; don't be afraid of the mess we made; do a little dance on the ...

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3. Chained To the Moon

I am falling; Drifting, trapped inside the story; Am chained to the moon; Will the sun take over in the morning; Filling my lungs with sky; What can I see from here; The beauty had nowhere to hide; An...

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4. E.Z.L.A.

Here I am, never thought I'd be; Among the drifters and directors, a place for me; It's nothing like I thought it was after all; Feel the ground it's always moving; Down a mountain through a valley wa...

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5. Free To Go

Catching butterflies, line drives, watching TV; I had seven good years til they noticed they were looking at me; I didn't like what they see; Trapped in the back seat, stay on your side; My hand out t...

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6. Gravity Decides

I collide with the world again; Creep with the summer on my skin; Strapped to machinery, theory and catastrophe; Open up and let it in; Radar, we are, could be willing; Spot my eyes and cross the line...

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7. Kingdom of Lies

Made it all up girl; Out of anger, out of passion; Turn yourself away; Make me lonely, love we only; Need a place to hide; Out of anger, out of love; Time crawls; There's like beyond the castle walls;...

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8. Mechanical Man

I do everything he never would; I'm mechanical man; When I say I understood, I only knew where to stand; But I'll be there for you; When your world's on a wire; My mechanical moves; Fit the mood you d...

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9. Merry Go Down

Skin and bone; Tremble on the throne; Something unexpected couldn't hurt; Behind my eyes scenes I can't describe; Intimidated, fascinated, stealing glances; Flesh and wire; Knotted with desire; Chewin...

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10. My Ritual

My good time; I feel all right; My ritual followed us to paradise; My blood moves; I feel all right; Don't touch me; Cuz I've had too much to feel tonight; I'm a martyr of a new and magic kind; It's g...

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11. Natural One

I'm the one natural one, make it easy; we can take it inside; where I can love how I like if I want it; whatever keeps me high; yeah, we can take it; good and loose on an endless spree; good because w...

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12. No Need To Worry

Never know what I'm looking for; Until I find it; Never know where I am; until I leave; Not aware the I care; until I'm angry; Don't know what I'm thinking; until I dream; No need to worry…; Think t...

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13. One Part Lullaby

"Life is one part lullaby, two parts fear" – Oscar Wilde; One part lullaby, two parts fear; Another animal mixing with the atmosphere; It takes forever to learn to pretend; Nature is the enemy, weat...

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14. Someone You Love

You gave me something I need to leave alone; You gave me all I could want to turn my heart to stone; Ooo.. I don't want to be someone you love; I save you all I could find to find myself with you; Cou...

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