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1. Falling and You Caught Me

I wish that you could hear me, but my voice is quiet; Maybe you could wait for the sound to clear; I never fit in to what it was that you called violence; 'Cause I'm cold inside; Hurts so bitter like ...

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2. Give Me Something

Raining all day and it won't stop; But when you speak my name; It can feel like hope; Feeling the waves, but they don't crash; The liquid sighs and swells; Now take me home; Home is in the place that ...

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3. I Tried

You tried to take me to heaven; But I lost you along the way; I tried to find you in seven; Hundred thousand different ways; I tried to break into heaven; But they laughed, and turned me away; I tried...

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4. Luxuries

You should know I'd wage a thousand wars for you; You should know I'd wait around the coldest winter; A thousand more I couldn't save; Tried to change; But my old ways; They left me stolen; Please, be...

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5. You Said

No way around this hell; I couldn't do it, you might as well; Don't disregard, obey the word I've spoken; My voice's calm, but my mind's broken; Every piece of me echoes through the tree; Every cell I...

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