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1. Broken Bonds

what have I done? You were such a friend; I tore this bond apart; I need you back; I've broken the bond that made us strong; I took a knife, and cut you from my life; regret, remorse, I want to erase;...

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2. Deception

deception; as I pass through your eyes of judgment, you make speculations about my life; that what you think is real; innocent; and you still pass judgment; when you are alone, I know just what you th...

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3. Enraged

enraged with anger; so sick of society; what have we come to? This world is strangling itself; angered by the actions of the militant; I try to love; but I can't see past your actions; I try to unders...

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4. Homicide

children sacrificed; millions die every day; money hungry killers wasting life away; something must be done; action must be taken; I bleed in sympathy for the aborted and forsaken; KILLER; this is the...

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5. Neglected

neglected; the apathy begins at birth; the absolute destruction of one's self worth; when father comes home, the closet becomes a refuge and the drinking; increases the abuse; this life-style of mindl...

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6. No Return

a spark ignites, and grows into a flame.. an eruption of anger, an outburst of pain; I drag myself from the engulfed wreckage that lays behind; never to return; never to compromise; the truth that lie...

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7. Suffering Of The Masses

as the world is flooded with black, a fire burns to light a shapeless path; the masses cry out and plea for help; their voices wring for everyone to hear, and those left raise their voices; to say we ...

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8. Upright

erase the feeling; break apart from fear; stand up to your controller; you can't regulate me; I won't take this frustration; I've got my self liberation; break down the walls that block your line of s...

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9. When I Die

Your life is made up of contradiction and ignorance; If you were more educated you wouldn't have turned out like this; So i'm here to show you the right way; It's not a revolution to desensitize your ...

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