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1. Another Day Is Gone

Another day is gone; Another one will come; When I look all around me; Do you know what I see ? My world is upside down; Without you in my home; And my life seems so empty; Is this my destiny ? Every ...

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2. As Long As I Remember

As long as I remember; When I was younger at school; I use to rag the teacher; Always breakin’ the rules; Playin’ hookey with friends of mine; Off the beaten tracks all the time; As long as I remember...

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3. Here We Go Again

He ran everywhere - And his tongue was hanging out; But we did not care - ‘Cause he sounded a long way off - Yes he was; ‘Cause we knew we would be together - With all our friends; Yes we knew we woul...

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4. Is There Another Life?

Sometimes I wonder what is my mission - Why I was born what I’m doing here; Yes I believe in reincarnation - Anyway - Is there an other life after the last breath ? ; That’s my question - Who’s got an...

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5. Les Sucettes

Annie aime les sucettes; Les sucettes à l’anis; Les sucettes à l’anis d’annie; Donnent à ses baisers u n goût anisé; C’est lorsque le sucre d’orge; Parfumé à l’anis; Coule dans la gorge d’annie; Elle ...

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6. Me And Miss Grace

In my 6 by 8 foot room - Sittin’ into the gloom - I’m bitin’ my nails; Seein’ sparklin’ the stars - Diamonds in the sky lightin’ up my face; In the beam of light I can touch the dust flyin’ in the air...

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7. S.O.S. For Love

A fuzzy picture is floating on my mind; I’m trying to remember your hair and your smile; Mist in my brain I only remember your name; You were my first love first passion one; Wanted to be yours but yo...

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8. Sexy Lizzy

I still remember when I was young; They always asked me where I came from; I couldn’t tell what was the name; The name of the place where I came; So they called me the stranger; They called me the str...

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9. Shake The Ground

Woo ! oh ! oh! oh! oh! We’re gonna shake the world baby; Humm! C’mon now! Tonight – All we need is action; You and I – We don’t need education; ‘Cos tonight – You’ll gonna be my girl; Tonight – We’re ...

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10. She Goes On

Like a snake she’s turnin’ around me; I don’t know why but I love her style; She makes me love till I’m crazy; Her hot blast blows my mind; Her fingers workin’ on me drive me mad; Burnin’ kisses and t...

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11. The Faith Healer

If your body's feeling bad - And it's the only one you have. You want to take away the pain - Got out walking in the rain. You watch the flowers go too bad - Asked the man inside your head. Your spiri...

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12. The Gun

Tonight - It’s too dangerous - He’s got an eye on you do not walk in the dark; He likes - To dominate the news - For him you are just a score against the F.B.I; If you don’t wanna be his victim; Watch...

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13. Today (it's My Day Off)

Today - It’s a lovely day - Watch the sunshine; Today it’s my day off - It’s amazing to sleep late; Laying on my bed - I appreciate; Looking at the ceiling - I’m lost in my thoughts; Thinking ‘bout th...

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14. Until I Die

There’s a desert on my mind I don’t understand; I see nothing of what I have done; And I try in vain as strong as I can; I am lost like dead leaves on the ground - Listen to my song; Poor man in disgr...

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15. Vote For Me

I was quietly watchin’ my T.V; When a man appeared and said to me; If you wanna live in harmony - Hey man - Listen; You must vote for me - Right now; You don’t have to believe the opposition; Always e...

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