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1. Fantasy Story

Can we make this a fairy tale? Make a dream? You'd be the queen, I'd be the king; We'd build our castle with the biggest walls; We'd be the finest of them all; Turn our lives almost upside down; Not l...

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2. Flashlight

When tomorrow comes I'll be on my own; Feeling frightened of the things that I don't know; When tomorrow comes, tomorrow comes; Tomorrow comes; I know the road is long, now look up to the sky; And in ...

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3. One In a Million

Growing up you saw a lot of things; Safe beneath your daddy's wings; Sometime you broke the rules; But he didn't have to know; There are times when it breaks you back; But I promise that it's not that...

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4. Photograph

Loving can hurt; Loving can hurt sometimes; But it's the only thing that I know; When it gets hard; You know it can get hard sometimes; It is the only thing that makes us feel alive; We keep this love...

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