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1. Beautiful Costumer

Sad you left out, it was mentioned quite in between. Kept on in routines now what was I meant to do. Did I break your concern while picking on your bitter thoughts. Should't have refrained,I didn't me...

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2. Competetive Dancing

Shut lights that guide our way back home, hide from all your friends I know; Someday we're gonna change shut lights off here; So you hate what you didn't yet feel, hide the scars twice as hard to see;...

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3. José

Just because I like to maintain doesn't mean our hope replaced our wishes; But if you like to be in, as I watched us out-date; Assumed to be wrong but I wish I had something to say to you; I'm running...

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4. Mulher, mosh E Hc

hoje de manhã você me liga; esperando que eu va te buscar; e eu dizendo que não dá; Hoje vai ter show no hangar; toda a galera vai tá la; esse show não vou perder; mulher,mosh e hc; Depois das onze vo...

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5. New Sensation

Let me just pull out to leave here - let me forget about those kisses. To freak out this issue - let me just like to know you. At least I didn't come around for that - it is as simple as that. Cause i...

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6. Reading With Speaking

Like an apology is set for you ? our lifetime is what we shared; And i'm already spoiled for you and time stood still; The further we're dragged from inside... see... sometimes won't come by; We're ca...

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7. Revive The King

Dance like you do, pass it up to me as surfaces merge down; To the grid, lick the lips embrace in anger diverge in hate. Demand it back, loose an emperor, relate to false sobriety and; Dance like you ...

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8. Save Your Hearts

Right into your day and onto your heart; It measures our days and displays our faults; Into your hands in circles we turn; Out of my reach our capitols will; taste the blood, let our hearts burn; Migh...

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9. Serenade

Move in circles now what did we become. It got through the last few years, the last decade I spent silent. Stick to the fad, the ensign, obey their very lies. Like we believed it now we did today. Did...

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10. Share The Embrace

Beat down, stuck in empty silence, tall, unfiltered through you; Cut here, occupied and wasted the beauty of intimacy; Did we find solution, did we fight our goals; Couldn't see we failed revolution; ...

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11. Sin Embassy

A smile passed your lips, guess i'm running on. So close to pretending, so sick you mentioned trust here before. Shook their hips, sin embassador. You got that mask will I ever be cured, all comes at ...

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