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1. All The Time i Bled

You piss me off; Fuck your lies; Don?t pull that shit; It?s a waste of time; I hate how you; Demonize; Everything and; Everyone what?s mine; Now it?s all gone; Pain that you cause; With no end; Wrong ...

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2. Hold On

Hold on; Grab the mike sing; This song; Run the set; Until your; Out of time; The show is; Done and its time; Get some; Chicks with pretty; Faces; And we all; Get high so; I don?t need your mercy; I f...

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3. I Will Still Sing

Void I my life means no voice; It?s true at some times; Life has left me with no choice; I do need; Run this way; When life is getting down; I take my mic and sound; Takes my mind; Out of time; Second...

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4. Insane

Follow the white line; Climb that ladder I?ve made; We wipe the slate clean; But my life?s still; Tumbling down; I?ll be fine; I don?t know what to believe in; I?m leaving; Now it?s my time; Chorus; I...

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5. Live It Up

I'm deadly drunk; I drown my sorrow in drink; Just one more sip; Before get lost; That's all I've got; The devastated soul; The wasted life; It's not a waste, no! No life is simple; It's living off a ...

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6. Queen Of The Damned

She ought to smile; She ought to lie; I know she's got no reason to believe in God; When you talk she sleeps around; You don't know she can't give ground; She wish she could do what you say; She can't...

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