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1. Hercules

I was weak; I was broken; I was tossed out in the ocean; I would cry; I would whimper; I would shake and shiver; I would sink; To the bottom; Amoung the wereckage and the foltsom; And when I reached; ...

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2. Madison's Favorite Toy

Little boys in chains; A red masquerade; That she wears around her lips to make her pretty; Purple on her eyes; Stockings to the sky; Then she sheds every shred of regret to hit the city; Just ignore ...

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3. Storm On The Sea

Well it's little things like texts that don't come anymore; Valentine's I never received; And pictures of you that I never hung up; And that you never ended up taking of me; And the road was blocked w...

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4. Trust Nobody

You're getting sleepy; I'm getting a high; You're getting burnt; And I'm the fire; The change in your pocket; Ain't worth a thing; You can't buy your heart; Out of loving me; I'm a tornato; Of wind an...

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