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1. Background Of Malfunction

man created greed a choice of who to feed a choice to live or die a choice to; smile or cry a love to give to all to make, to beg or crawl a life there and the plans; a pass to say was mans iventions ...

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2. Blinded By Science

pussey eyes is not a pretty sight; but to you it is not a high price; to have your hair shiny and bright; to have your eyes stand out like a light; four million animals die in experiments; each year i...

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3. Charity Hilarity

the oxtam ad makes you feel bad; you put a few coppers into the slot; pretending that it's all that you've got; hungry conscience; charity, hilarity; starving millions; prevention, cure; a few pence s...

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4. Is There Anybody There?

is there anybody there? is there anybody there? they forced their beliefs on you; they force you to pray; they force you to believe in God; take part in the games that they play; is there anybody ther...

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5. Myxomatosis

to live in peace we must reject; all oppression on all levels; there can be no compromise; one man's justice is another man's crime; who has the right to decide; where to draw the line; Myxomatosis st...

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6. Progress

i don't want your progress; it tries to kill; me; you don't want these trees; you only want towns and cities; you don't want me; 'cause I oppose them; you want me to leave; all i want to do is breathe...

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7. Sick Butchers

I used to graze in a field, I used to breathe - I used to be alive; Did chew the grass in the field; Could see and hear the world around me; See and fear man around me; Had a virgin skin but now sold ...

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8. Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout

we're all conditioned to think ten tellies are better than one; and to blow this world up ten times is better than to blow it up once; billions spent on destroying the world while millions starve, whe...

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9. Song For Them

the wind blows; the baby cries; people die; deaths are untold; land is desolate; nothing here grows; people living; for the sight of a food bowl; trapped in existence; it's hard to think; that such pe...

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10. T.V. Dinners

violence on t.v., violence on the news; reality and fiction both served up neatly to keep us all amused; reality and fiction have both become the same; instead of facing the facts we search for new sc...

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11. Take Heed

the music business got really scared; when punks created their own alternative system; one that was honest and really cared; so they set out to destroy what punk had created; by dividing those involve...

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12. Tapioca Sunrise

your hateful nuclear weapons; are mere props for your aggression; more tools for further oppression; die with your..... possessions; the blatant colonel gave the command; and millions died in a far aw...

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13. The Fun Is Over

the fun's over, start digging; the fun's over, stop eating; the fun has finished, start struggling; the fun is over, start digging; enjoyment is over, begin to hide; dreaming's over, run inside; eatin...

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14. They Lie, We Die

atomic electricity is just a filthy mess and waste; it makes you wonder why they bother with such risks entailed; is it just a coincidence this atomic power makes; an energy source of uranium from whi...

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15. Tube Disasters

<i>[intro poem]</i>; Can ye smell the neu smell, travelling through the air? Aye I can lad, it's a coming from over there; over the hills, down in the valley, there's new buildings there; there's a nu...

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