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1. Absurd

King kong in Cannes; On a date with Spiderman; Dan Dar's sitting there; Scared by the killer teddy bears; Down town Mini Mouse; Is slippin Mickey's in the famous grouse; While big bird spreads the wor...

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2. Atom Bomb

Baby's got an atom bomb; A motherfucking atom bomb; Twenty two megaton; You've never seen so much fun; Baby got a poison gas; Baby got a heart attacks; Baby got a pain on tap; Baby gimme some of that;...

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3. Beat Biter

Beat; Beat; Beat; Beat; Beat.. Biter; Biter; Biter; Biter.. ; [ INTRO: M.C. Shan ]; Let me rock this rhyme, only if I may; It's directed to my man L.L. Cool J; Your brand new jam sure does sound sweet...

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4. Down By Law

My name is M.C. Shan, my destiny is the stars; Being driven around in the freshest cars; All his beats and my rhymes are chill; Now I'm back once again ready to get ill; The beat's not fake, the rhyme...

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5. I Can Tell

(Jamo); You ain't gotta say too much; From the look in your eyes; I can tell you want to fuck; (Mercedes); And you ain't gotta call me ya boo; Just as bad as you wanna fuck; I wanna fuck too; (Jamo); ...

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6. I Ran The Game

[ VERSE 1 ]; A lil' lil' to make the ladies scream; This story is all about a tag team; The plot of the game was to jerk me; One would wind me, and the other would work me; These two were livin life t...

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7. Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

(Jane, stop this crazy thing!) (2x); She was this girl that I know named Jane; She used to be cool, now the girl's insane; Now all Jane does is walk around all day; Sayin, "Beam me up, Scotty, take me...

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8. Never Rock A Party

[ VERSE 1 ]; Self-preservation, no warning alliance; And my rhymes are mainly based on mathematical science; I drink Moët on the rocks, Harvey's with Bristol; All about money and mics made out of crys...

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9. Project Ho

Listen close to the story I'm about to tell; It will never be repeated, so listen well; And if you been around the way, some of you might know; This girl we label as the project ho; Project ho (variat...

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10. Rock Stuff

(Well, the definition of 'rock stuff' is; cocaine broke down into the form of a rock; which is why we call this here cut 'Rock Stuff'; Well, everybody out there listen to this; cause Shan and I have a...

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11. She's Gone Lyrics

You know, even though we're far apart so many miles away; My love for you grew stronger with each passing day; And it seems just like yesterday, baby, since I met you; And from the moment I seen you, ...

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12. Snapshot (NFS Uderground)

Little Suzie's crusin' for some love and affection; Arm in arm with everyone been charmin' the nation; Cindy picks the wallets for her friends medications; Willin' patient Julie sittin' waits for atte...

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13. So Def

(So fresh) --> Roxanne Shanté; I'm on the list and, my rhymes are crisp and; Me and ??? are like a ??? and ??? Without fail, everytime I; Get a dope idea for a rhyme I; Choose to save it or scrap it; ...

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14. Switch/twitch

It's time to begin, start out over again, what you is, what you been, forget everything. ; All the love that you made, all the joy and the pain, all the anger and hate, rewind and erase. ; Turn it on,...

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15. Time For Us To Defend Ourselves

[ VERSE 1 ]; Tales from the rhymeside, fact or fiction? I look at justice as pain infliction; Sit back, relax while I bust this; There's a big loophole in justice; Law inforcement to serve and protect...

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16. Walking On Sunshine

[ VERSE 1 ]; I design rhymes usin architecture; And if I dislike ya, I'ma disrespect ya; The beats are pumpin, the lyrics you savour; And all you can do for me is a favor; Your body and soul will make...

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17. Words Of A Freestyle

[ VERSE 1 ]; The microphone stand is where I make my escape; Out of the blue I see some dope rhymes that I shoulda take; I used to say em off the top of my head, man, could I drop a; Megaton bomb that...

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