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1. Butterflies

BUTTERFLIES; I wish I had the automatic, the automatic empathy; Oh... I could change my life for affection; I’m symptomatic, not automatic... not automatic like you’ve being; I cannot deceive this con...

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2. Crucify And Burn Me

Crucify and burn me; I’m lost in... I’m lost in your reflex; I’m lost in... I’m lost in my regrets; And I don’t believe; I can’t stay just for today; My misery would go away; And I don’t believe; I’m ...

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3. Mama Hates

God easily chooses who dies; I can not choose what; I need If you´re not that smart; In what do you have to believe? Show you´re angry! It means what it means to me; Sex, freedom and alcohol; Run afte...

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4. Mistake

Bleeding I can fell what´s making me sad; And I can´t wait; To be over all my curse and steady; And lay down daintily; Is it just another storm; Or is it just another relapse; Drag me far, drag me far...

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5. Relieved

My head hurts me; Cause I´ve been sick and; A little desperate and a little suffocated; But now I´m feeling sink in; Maybe just relieved; Maybe as right as rain; Well I think it´s too much; I´ll never...

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6. Sex is Blind

Lucy was a teenage girl, was teenage rebel; When I was just a boy playing football; When I was just thinking about what love is; While I was wondering, she had sex in school; She looked at me and call...

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7. Wake Up

I´ve been drinking But I´m not silly; And I´m just dreamer; And you´re my singer; But why you always tell me to; Wake up, Wake up, Wake up; And all I am trying is to; Wake up, wake up, wake up; We´re ...

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8. You're Sweet

I´ll never be as good as you are for me; I´ll never be as sweet as you are for me; Your love is great; You´re so dedicated; Even when I am the sulky man; Even when I am a hopeless man; Your love is gr...

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