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1. Acherontia

For so long this has been consuming my mind; Making me afraid all the time; Beautiful pain, souls in vain; Dreams will be lost, they become dust; The unknown will come, yes it will come; And nothing w...

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2. Dying in Paradise

I am lost in your moves; I'm spinning round and round; You still don't seem to care; Soon we'll hit the ground; Can't take this anymore; Can't let us fall apart; How can you ignore? There's something ...

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3. Make You Rise

You can't give up; Yes, it's true; You can make your own dreams come true; If you really believe in you; There's a light behind the darkness; Lost on the way; You can't give up on your dreams; Don't s...

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4. Poison Rose

Your smile took my breath away; And left me with no words to say; The blow made my heart go back; Straight to the loneliness; Feel the scent of my poison rose; Take the petals you've destroyed; 'Cause...

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5. Taking Over Me

Waiting in the dark; Waiting for you to see I want you here with me; I wish I was special, I wish I was yours; Why don't you open the door? I think I made it very clear; You are taking over me; I'm so...

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6. The Mask

I am in the middle of good and bad; Confusing all these thoughts here in my head; But oh I need to be clear; This time I won't say what you really want to hear; So I will throw away the mask; I won't ...

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