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1. Big Bills

My shadow and me; Forever will be; All alone; A necklace for me; of chemistry; Take me home; Eat my way out of the; Mess I made; All alone; Now it's just me; Versus the pharmacy; Take me home; Big bil...

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2. Drop Top

Drop top foreign with the horse in it; Three bad bitches with some dope kiss; And no need to wait it, we gon' go get it; In the stripclub, spinnin' with the whole clip; Drop top; Hit the stripclub, my...

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3. Lana's Theme

Baby, now you do; Now you; Now you do

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4. Mosh Pit

I woke up this morning on my money shit; Grab my sack, hit the streets, I'm on some other shit; My girl out of town, I'm with my other bitch; Hit the mall, blew it all on a bunch of shit; Then hit the...

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