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1. Back Again

I won't be long; It's just for now; Oh, I'll come back here; When time allows; Save my name in your phone; I'll be fine, but I don't know; When I'll be back again, I'll be back again; Keep my love clo...

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2. Guarded

Tall walls here; Towering 'round home now, so guarded; Watch as they come crumbling 'round me; Everything, everything; Flows freely; Everything, everything; Shuffling your hold, crippling me; Silence ...

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3. Heart

Call me by name; This name I can't remember; I can't connect to; A vicious game; Is calling to push forward; Yet expect it to remain; All of these moving parts; From the start we were changing; I shou...

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4. Rely

Look at us; Stuck in a rut, but I don't care; It's a snare; Trapping us down with the dirt and the leaves; I can see hints of the sun through the trees; Lighting the earth evergreen; But only with you...

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5. Warm Blood

[Verse 1]; Your shoulder; Bare and staring me down now; And I'm older; But don't mean I can't learn your ways; [Pre-Hook]; Wait for me, I'll be coming slower down; Wait for me I'll be coming; [Hook]; ...

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