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1. Badtimes

Lost the air in our lungs to a smoke filled room; Now hotel lobbies and these songs; remind me of you make your dark bleed black; While you're gripping at my waistline; Act like we don't know while we...

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2. Chasing Lines

The city was so new; Oh I was so alone that night in january; When you said that you should head home; That was the time I didn't want you to go; That month you chased a line at 5am; You called me up ...

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3. Fire

Oh won't you take it slow; Don't let this bad blood flow; I hope you find someway it won't control you; But I know it keeps you down; Keeps you stuck; Keeps you right in the middle of it; Oh don't you...

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4. Focus

We think in moments; Long calls short notice; I’ll hide that I’m shaking; Yeah it left me nervous; So remember these times; I’ll turn out the light, aright? We’ll spill out the truth my secrets to you...

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5. Heavy Hearts

I think I talk too much; Close my eyes when I drive; Running lights in the daylight; Maybe I’m out of luck? Maybe I should give a fuck? But oh I just want to be sure; That I’m alive; I need to feel so...

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6. I'm Alright

No I never came dry from the weekend; I lost track now I’m thinking there must be more; There’s something to this that I’m just simply missing; But I guess I’m alright; I watched it all pass by from t...

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7. Nightmares

Settle down; I mustv'e lost my mind now oh its true; But I keep it how I want in the distance; To prove that I'm fine; This is nothing new; But you know what I'm thinking in the dark; We don't talk ab...

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8. Sleeptalk

Sleeptalking; We close our eyes but we still speak slow; Attracted to the unknown; You can see my eyes glow; I can twist how you’re thinking; When my words start to sink in; New colors and sound waves...

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