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1. Bleed

I will never be the same; Fill the trap amphetamine; Traquility of rope to tie me down; And I don’t know what that means; I hang myself with every word; Getting nothing in return; Come on and watch me...

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2. Change

Beneath the glitter of the New York lights; Is a lady with no home tonight; Alone she sits and waits for change; I look at her feeling ashamed; There’s really nothing I can do for her today; Oh no I w...

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3. Clone Me

I can't conceive the words; To sing a song about you; There’s never enough to go around; Can’t give ample of myself to get ecstatic; She always needs some more of me; So she has cloned me clone me; I ...

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4. Come Unglued

The world goes round and round me; So fast it’s hard to see; What’s going on besides me; I lie awake to see it; I wait half my lifetime searching; For somethin’ to put me at ease; But when I stop and ...

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5. Hairdo

Where’d you get that aqua-net; And won'’t you roll me up; A funny little cigarette; The company executives are trying to tell me; That I'’m not ready yet; Cause in the daytime you’ve got nothing to do...

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6. Schizo Boy

Somebody slipped somethin' into my drink; And ever since I haven't felt the same; (kaboom, varoom, shaboom baby boom); Have you ever felt yourself drift into space; (baby boom); And oddity that must h...

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