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1. Assemble Kids

[verso 1]; I'm a fire burning; Flames they can never smother out; They tell me we should be the same, same; But ooh we're doing things our own way, way; We don't gotta dollar; But at least we've got o...

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2. Glitches

[verso 1]; Braids like frida kahlo; Cigarette smoking shallow; A tattoo drag, leather backpack; Her stripes don't always follow; Quick whit, a vocal strain; Don't trust the weatherman; It ain't gonna ...

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3. Monster

There's a monster in my room; Keep hide away from you; No matter what I say; No matter what I do; There's a monster in my room; And all my friends say: you're doing fine! Everybody hurts sometimes; Th...

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4. Push (Feat. Tunde Olaniran)

From start to the finish I'm in it; They say that I'm too tunnel vision; Cause all I see is you; I've given up taking the scenic; Gas to the floor cause I mean it; Cause I know that I can't lose; I sw...

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5. Queen

I've been searching, running; Riding all night long; I've been thinking about the places I belong; Am I going tonight? Never gonna think twice; Never gonna think twice; I'm a queen not a soldier; Got ...

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6. Rewind (Feat. Griz)

[verso 1]; What if we never learned to tell a lie; What if we always learned to synthesize; When we were younger our minds; Were always clear; If I could go back to those golden years; I'd rewind; Wis...

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7. Slipping away

[verso 1]; Spend my days caught looking through a prism; Rose-colored shades got me living in a prison; I'm slipping away, I'm slipping away; Haven't seen my friends; Or my people in a minute; Backtra...

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