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1. Autumn Passes

And I hope everything is good for you so far; Things were so good they fell apart; Where did my happiness go; I lost it oh so long ago; I shouldn't have to tell you anything; Even if you wanna know; I...

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2. Broken Promises Without Failure

Now you know; Why do you care; I tried not to hold on to tight; And hope i'd understand; But don't let go until you cry; Singing this i just cant stand; Feeling down another day; Seeing blue skies tur...

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3. Farewell

I won't wait for you to follow through; I'm already done to you; So what the hell's the use; In trying now my time's run down; Ever since the day I fell right back on you; I don't know how much I can ...

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4. Hopes Shot Down

It saddens you to see; This brand new arm around me. But you know it's something that you'll live through; I know she isn't much; But you'll never understand; It was more than what we had so I guess s...

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5. Memory Gone Bad

We did it before; I’m sure that we’ll do it again; It started back when it all was so new; Just something that it would never fall threw; But its alright now; We’ll see this threw; We’ll make it again...

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