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1. Burning Your World

The smell of burning cinder; The crackle and pop of human flesh; The screams of my victims; I hear as I fade into the dark; Sit around the corner; With success in my obession; As I admire my work of a...

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2. Chamber Of Obscurity

I wil take your soul!!! Come into my chamber of obscurity; Why don't you come with me; Where violence is pleasure and so sweet; Horrible certainty; Never mind the blood stained walls, the human bones;...

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3. Frozen In A Voiceless Scream

In your terror; Whipers in the somber night; Frozen in a voiceless scream; Reflections of your life are senseless; Hoping for a second chance; The dark wind calls your name; ever so gently; Imminent d...

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4. Litany Of Murder

I'm killing you, motherfucker! Suffer for your deceitfulness; I will not take these things lightly; As you fuck me I will fuck you; You think you are invincible; Fuck with me and you will be dead; You...

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5. Lurid Impurity

Lurid Impurity; Lusting for the feeling of impurity; A feeling I cannot hold back, uncontrollable; Wanting, needing, lurid impurity; Dreaming of a time when my needs are fulfilled; Embracing the feeli...

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6. Organ Harvest

My sweet pretty victim; Destined for defilement; Experience a horrible pain; Her heart will beat in my hands; Knock her out, rip her organs; Rip them out, tear them out! Knock her out, rip her organs;...

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7. Sordid Degradation

Expressionless; Your limp now dead body; I have seen the death and horror; That makes me want to spew! ...Spew... ; Writhing, contorting unleashing your soul; Your shrilling is music to my ears; Your ...

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8. Whacked

Watching the victim plead; For an immediate death; Torture is the worst kind; Of brutal punishment; Life slowly erodes; Never ending agony; Unbearable pain; In and out of conciousness; Hoping for a fa...

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