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1. Crackdown

Renewal; What does that word; Mean for us... Fear ? Moving to the edge; Piercing the mass; The mass... Opened eyes; Beating hearts; Clear thoughts; Sore throats; Time; Is unpredictable, either; Runnin...

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2. Devoured By Helminthes

They are very dangerous creatures, They ruin and damage our systems, They stick to our organs with suckers; And sit there in darkness; They thankfully lay their eggs; When we welcome them to our house...

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3. Domain Of Death

They nourish their sanguinity with gaunt esurience; And obey to the thanatos sign; The vultures scratch raw decaying opaque faces; To befide the life means to mortify; Mother's temple-like womb gives ...

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4. Infernal Earth

From the sullen deapth of sea; Rise and come to fly with me; Share your power, it's time to run; King of west, Leviathan; From the solid, bitter Earth; Rive and come to quench your thirst; Fly with me...

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5. Interuterine Dilemms

-It's our world. ; We are living here for all times. ; -You've made mistake. It is an error. It's a prelude to our lives. We're in membrane which covers us. Opening is a door. ; We are spirits with th...

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6. Prepare To Die

It's all over. Stop and think; seize destroying everything, recollect your shameful sins; they adorned your poor being; Abstination wasn't good; It destroyed your healthy mood; Don't you think you wer...

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7. Severe Pain

This is about severe pain; That wrecks my brain; And makes insane.. This is about hemorrhage; Which runs like wax; I feel myself in narrow cage; That everyday my substance locks; I’m here listening to...

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8. Sky Funeral

Not far from lhas in tibet in picturesque valleys; There are some dusty debris of tumbledown abbeys; It's walls are keeping silence of bloody brutal "gaudys"; The most perfected were called "sky funer...

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9. The Plague

She was walking with a spade; And she was digging the graves; And filled them with corpses; And covered with roses; People like little scared lambs -; Locked and frightened; Were dying; It seems they ...

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10. Vengeance Expectation

My life was beautiful as yours; till sorrowul moment in my fate. One human changed all my life; one day... ; My future vengeance; will be so terrible for you! My expectation; was so long ... ; No word...

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