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1. Bloodlust

Kill for blood, Violence feeds me the power; Evil has breathed, My bloodlust now awakens; Kill to live, I must survive; This bloodshed, all must die; Now insane, its torturous; End this rage, my killi...

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2. Decaying Fragments Of Existence

We are the existence that evil created; Earth is now our Hell; Driven by compulsion we are the disorder; Our future is now; Seeds of Deception; Feed our aggression; Join the oppression; End this Depre...

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3. Sinners Unite

God does not care, Churches still fail, You've judged my life, Now you will die; You cant save us only blame us; Plagues and hunger, We still suffer; The sinners unite with pure hatred; An army that c...

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4. The Fleshcrafter

It is now time for decay, it is now time for dismay, Fear of all evil has now taken place, Into the darkness the murderer waits; A sickened confession of life, Killed off with no chance to fight; Dism...

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