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1. Antidisestablishmentarianism

Back off. Leave me be in my world; We're coming back down and nothing more; What am I? What you're not; Building visions to hate your fucking kind; Finding the meaning, I'm bleeding; We're coming back...

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2. Beggar Art

Loving nothing; We're cold old foes. We'll praise... not your god; Holding above the law. We're cold; Where higher is something good; We'll fade. This is all we own; I've got to be the one; An animal ...

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3. Diffusing An Intimiate Situation

This is a new awakening; Another world to explore, my quest my senses bright; This is the learning chapter; Taking place to extend my love my truth, my sight; She's here, but just not singing. Show me...

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4. Drone Head

Look at your black seed you've sown; Reading your sad face you've shown; Find my way to the earth again; I can't be I can't be; I can't be your enemy; Find my way find my way; Into your complex race; ...

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5. Near Impossible

I know that you're weakening me; Wasting away, my sickness is grave; But I'm not alone; I'm waiting for someone to show; But cannot be shown; This is near impossible, this is what I think; Die with me...

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6. Nobody Move Now Kill Your Hero

This is all the same; Contemplate my reign; Watch me take a fall; This is my life after all; You save your family, you save your friends; The only people not planning the end; Patterns are forming, th...

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7. Oceanscape

All this time, I'm watching you; The sun comes up, right on cue; Let that go, fear of the... waves over me. Just cover your eyes; I'll look up, and it's the same for you; Look, my world, we're nothing...

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8. Picture This

Involve me, I can't understand you; Looking at a picture fit for a king; It's the most exciting thing of the past; It makes you cry, it makes you; Die bitch; From the selfish thing you do. It comes; H...

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9. Processes Of Humanity

Humanity, be left be; Humanity, you and me; I won't be your life love saviour; Behaviours beating your head. Feeling nothing; Showing bare fists of your rage; And filling them up with meaningless bull...

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10. Scorn

Now you taught me, you can't control me; Walk without your inner fear... time; You broke me, metamorphed me; We're finding and hiding your... ; Malicious world; In your mold; Whatever your doing... le...

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11. Terror Haza

I don't have a life; I don't have a dream; I don't have a chance; I spit on that; Love me, loathe me, I protest. You will see i never rest; Make me, break me, I detest what you've done and why; I have...

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