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1. Avenue

I'm coming; Around the bend; Been a long time on the avenue; Lovers and losers chained to my heart; Standing here waiting for you; Waiting here just for you; To pass through; You can't wear me out; I'...

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2. Brainburst

Brainburst; Colour, colour, colour, colour…; Gonna try to ??? In my legal doll’s house; All the colour, colour from my amphetamine paintbox; Well don’t you ever unleash the animal; Link it to electrod...

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3. Choosing You

Where did it all begin; Don't know yesterday, can't think of tomorrow; You can't choose me, cause I've chosen you; And all I ever had is gone and lost, thats true; I learn to forget all I can; Walk, t...

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4. Day One

I drew a curtain across your face; Put the lid on this case; I'll never look at you the same; This is waht I tell myself; Every day and every night; I rip that curtain down; But nothing there has chan...

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5. Decline And Fall

Christmas in America; The kids are asleep; Dreaming dreams of America; Where life is cheap; This restless shifting earth is gonna suck you in one day, little baby; come looking for the angels, but the...

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6. Dog Dog Dog

Dog Dog Dog - N.Marsh; enviada by Hanna Ailis; Oh no; It looks like we're coming round again; Well i walk walk walk to the other side; but i can't get away from you; i see your eyes; your eyes so burn...

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7. Every Little Word

I smell temptation; The forest breathe; You tear your heart out; For what you believe; I saw you shining out on the horizon; Out of reach; You knew I was lying; Every little word carries on the wind; ...

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8. Highwire

Well here comes heaven; Walkking down the street again; Gonna pick you up; Knock you off your feet again; Liking a living nightmnare in paradise; Like a fist out of hell; With a grip like a vice; On t...

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9. I Go Crazy

(spoken) Oh, I go crazy; I go crazy; I go crazy when I'm without you; What have I done today; Just sat and watched the jets fly over; A car goes by; And the sun goes down; We talk about the town; This...

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10. Plastic Fantastic

We love tinsel town; Plastic fantastic; I can feel it when you talk; See it when you walk that way; I'm gonna swim; Cross the ocean in the black of night; You can never see the depths, never reach the...

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11. Restless

Restless - J.Mitchell/ N.Marsh Return; All of these secrets we kept; Cast long black clouds in my mind; Under which small deveations; Will always be found; Sometimes i get restless; Feeling restless; ...

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12. Siamese Twist

Face to Face; Hip to Hip; Four arms reach out; It’s a deadly grip (yeah we’re comin’ for ya); Siamese babies, Siamese twist; Siamese baby, do the siamese twist; Anabella Grey; And the next of kin; Mor...

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13. Slide

There's a world outside; It's not hard to find; Your'e too young to know; The red river flows; It's another world; Filled with dreams untold; We can make it there; Freinds are everywhere; And all the ...

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14. Slowdown

When your'e twenty-five so alive; All the world comes crashing down on you; Taking that freeway, oh river of no return; Take that sbow-bound highway, river of no return; Yeah, you got to slow down; Wi...

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15. Stupid On The Steet

Gotta tell ya, I don't know what, where or when; Just gotta tell ya, I don't wanna have to tell you again; Informed sources said we've been doing this and that; Just gotta tell ya, they just don't kno...

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16. Time And Space

Seems like yesterday, we just flew away; I have done my best; Against the odds and then; From time to time your'e gone; It makes me feel so strong; And when I get that way, all my dreams fade away; In...

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