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1. Anonymous

Saw it coming towards you; To redefine the life you knew; No strife for hunger; Any thought from anyone; Staring at the wall; Kills me; You Better hear our call; We're Anonymous; You'll never bring us...

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2. Come On

Come on! Come on baby, let's just do it all; Rip my clothes off, throw me down the floor; You turn me on, baby, come on; Come on baby, let's just give it all; Do all you want and know that it's your c...

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3. Cornucopia

Take charge of your things; Please shut your mouth; Make friends and blabber along; Become strong and fit just like; Cornucopia; Cornucopia; No shame, so bored; It won't run away, it's here to stay; M...

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4. Dancing Tides

Dancing tides; The waves take over my breath; Feelings deprive the best of intentions; Here we stand alone; Memories of glories bereft; Playing games of chance, hope and regret; Stories unveil their c...

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5. Disconnection

Fire; Lightning strikes; Buzzing in my head; Burning on my eyes; Long; Gone are the; Senses in my mind; Reasons I can't find; Get; Away from; My comfort zone; Just leave me alone; Even if; She says; Y...

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6. Fake Station

Keep playin' beasts in your mind; Try being one-hearted piece of joke; Woke up to see the sunshine; But you're there in my world; You're there in my world; There in my world; All Night; You could do i...

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7. Favourite Illusion

Who's that troublemaker breeze? Shining bright as it comes to please me; My favourite illusion; Riding through my thoughts; A wonder that stops my heart; (Chorus); But I go my way; At times I start ag...

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8. Ghost Writer

Lives separate; Words to invade; Your true face will come out; It's your trial before the crowd; And you want this; And you can't resist; Gag, gag what you have to take; You can't blame who you ghostl...

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9. Hurricane

I want you; Burning deep and down inside my head; Like a smoking phobia in the air; Even if you act like you don't care; You'll say; Birds are flying in the Hurricane; Even though you know it's just t...

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10. Life Between Two Paper Sheets

Starts with breeze on a field; just like nowadays; Peacefully; as they try not to awake the king; Shades and tears; all around us; Gotta believe; We live in a dream world of magic; and we are trying n...

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11. Not The End

See it`s not in the skies; would you please stop taking sides; time stays just long enough for anyone; Don`t take the headways; to miss lead and guide us to disgrace; it's never ending but thats just ...

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12. On the Road to Innocence

Raise your arms again on the road to innocence; Feels like everything; Is gonna change at last; It all becomes the past; Doomsday fiction; (Chorus); Roads that lead us to the place where our eyes once...

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13. Pino

Step on me; All things must pass; Your reject feels good like that; When it comes; (Chorus); It's all in your mind; (I'll eat their lies as they creep out my mind, falling in time, I shiver inside; I'...

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14. Skylight

I feel your eyes coming through me; Chasing spinning thoughts and make believes; It all turns to smoke; The world stands still; When souls are under siege; It won't go around for the same old reprieve...

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15. The Master

You looked up at the ceiling; It's clear you lost the taste; The girl of his dreams; So sorry the bride is gone; (Chorus); Turn back to your shadow; The master commands you free; Should I trust or get...

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16. Underground

Time stands on stealing; Cause I’m careless; Grounded to waste; I can’t stop it; Sure I’m down, can’t you say? Searching help night and day; Pieces burning on; Strangers all turn home; They are runnin...

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17. War Call

Stop fucking around; Who's to blame when it comes to emotions? We're down in an ocean; Of lies, it gets me shaking; We just wander about; Living by incoherent notions; Empty comotion; We are fast asle...

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