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1. 45 Seconds

45 Seconds; I'm trapped here! Can someone save; me from death? The essence of death or; rebirth; what to do? Only 45 seconds and; I will die; What to do? Infernal mechanism; tick tick tick; Second dea...

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2. Devouring Reality

Devouring Reality; Distracted & sapacious; Bantliusparasites of our world; You'll never be glorious; As someone; somewhere has told; Deadly winds are blowing! Breath of the reborn; Era of the unknown ...

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3. Fallen Ones

Fallen Ones; Raw meat pieces; are laying everywhere; Burned beneath the oceans; of blood! Many brave and not have; met their death here; Now they're left alone; forgotten by God! The strong smell; of ...

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4. Flies - Myxu

Flies - Myxu; In our meaty vomit; Flies a vomit fly; Omnipresent Death! Fuck Off And Die!

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5. Injection

Injection; Memories of your past – they’ve gone… all; What will be ahead you shall see! Hail! Victimed as your body in agony scream; Madness and violence have made you…insane! Freak visions of the fal...

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6. Maniacal Depressive Psychosis

Maniacal Depressive Psychosis; Are you here to see this?!? Go, enjoy yourself! Maniacal! Depressive! Psychosis! I shouldn't have doubt in you!! Your skill will go down in history! Who's leaving you in...

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7. No Life For You

There's no way back, Only foreward into the abyss! The angel's sage overtakes me. Why do you look out; Of the window and see, The things that i don't?! Now you will die! And don't you dare talk to me!...

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8. Revenge From An Asylum

Revenge From An Asylum; Great Mothers love, The son is thought to be mad! Pailfulls of remains are carried out at night, again and again. ; Great Mothers love…As Revenge From Asylum; Heart–rending cri...

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9. Sacramental Masturbation

Sacramental Masturbation; Hatred! Dethroning your lies and doggerel, That were born not long ago. This echo materialising in Woe; A meritation of the nonsense; You're none; No sacrifece to your flabby...

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