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1. Death Squads

Goons with guns and machetes and Gods; The order is to kill, kill, kill, and kill; Big corporations are fueling and funding, fueling and funding; The total war!!! Thrash the pigs! Local puppets, lynch...

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2. Foxhole

My mom is here! She brought my gun! My dad arrive with a shovel in his hand! He said son the foxhole is done!!! Done! Tapos na!!! ( It's finished ); The Community! Has made their own! They have their ...

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3. Gma Is A U.s Son Of A Bitch

Oh my God kapalipalian tutuki nakananaman keng rally! Ain't it Macapagal-Arroyo is for the poor? Ewari she goes to the squatters area handshaking the poor! Ewari she studied politics in Amerika! Ewari...

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4. Kontra'tado!

Bulok na sistema! Binabasbasan ng Amerika! Sila nga ang GOD nila! Tado kayo! Fucker 'raw... Sila ang dahilan kung bakit tayo ay nagkakaganito; Drop out, unemployed; Tagahugas ng puwet, chismosa; Babae...

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5. Napalm

It burns, it stings; Our huts, our crops; Our lands, those bombs, them bombs; We cannot live a normal life!!! Napalm, from morning until dawn its hell!!! It fries, it crisp our skin; It killed my niec...

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6. Pigs

U.S Aid tulong nga ba? Gamit pandigma sumpa sa bayan!!! Nabangkarote nasa dambuhalang hayop... Pinagpipigapiga ang mamamayan... Pamahalaan hawak ng dahuyan... Ninanaknak na lipunan!!! Food! Education!...

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7. Question Authority

Listen to the system has to say; Just be yourself, like you do not care; You're in the land of the free; Unconciously we divide and detonating ourselves! Privatization in work! And massive lay-offs we...

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8. Smash The Octopus!

We lost our humane mentality! Brainwashed by the road of the capitalists! Divide and rule, divide and rule the people! Prison is their means of solution!!! Kick 'em! Smash the Octopus!!! Smash! Smash ...

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