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1. Beautiful In Venice

I'm my old self again; Havent felt this good; For quite some time; I'm pretty sure; That we wont have a fight tonight; Will it last, there's one way to find out; Fact is your my main-concern; We will ...

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2. Better Luck Next Time

When you told me that the curtain would fall; Just couldnt believe what I heard; We would last forever; But that came to an end; Cuz you dont even miss me! Forever reached a limit; After what you just...

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3. Butterface

Last night I saw this girl in town; Looking fine 'til she turned around; You could say she's a perfect ten; From her toes up until her chin; Oh my God; What a waste; Everything's hot but her face; But...

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4. Dodging The Bullet

Feelings won from common sense; and that really makes me scared! You look at it as a betrayal, but with your theory; You dissapoint the ones who really cared; Now it seems to start allover, We're dodg...

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5. Down On Me

Drown in possibilities and I’m scared to lose my liberty! Way too many girls wondering in my head. I don’t mean to brag but I’ve had my share. And it’s not like I promise the world to them! They cried...

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6. Evironmental Pressure

That sheep mentality just isn’t the right way. No one should tell me to do right or wrong. I could try to be like you but who should I bother? It’s pretty obvious to see. I’m still that person I was b...

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7. Hard To Play

No motivation, no self respect, ambition’s a hard word to define. You gained respect instead of hate, a virtue you once admired. But deep inside of you it hurts not to be who you are. Sometimes it’s h...

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8. Heartless Machine

You; Like a rose; Swarmed by bees; Drops of honey on your leaves; Never tasted anything so sweet; That scent; Never smelled; Before in my life; But once you earned my trust; Your thorns made me; Made ...

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9. Live Free Or Die

Did you ever have the feeling; nothing new excites you anymore; Everybody seems to settle down, but for myself; There’s a bigger struggle than before; Trying to rip loose, a dream to break away; and h...

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10. Loose Tongue

Don't try; Try to bring me down; You should be ashamed of yourself; You coward, you would-be; Don't you criticize me; Do you really have nothing better to tell; Go have; Have another drink; Pour yours...

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11. New Song Dedicate To You

Love brings me music; And music gives me love; That's why I wrote you this one; This one special song; Exagerated feelings taking a part of me; I'm scared to be too caring cuz you want to be free; Why...

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12. On The Rise

Give me a break! Face the fact I'm not like you for your sake; Give me a break! Trust me, there's more about you I can't take; Time to hit the road again; It's party time; Geared up, I'm leaving home;...

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13. Popular Guy

It's a quarter past six in the morning; And I haven't closed an eye; Try to get up to write some words; But that ain't easy with a confused mind; Hard to realize at the age of 21; You feel more insecu...

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14. Rockstar Fantasy

Time to come back to reality; Stop living in your own world; We will brake this rockstar fantasy; One day you will get what you deserve; You've got a problem and it's haunting you; Action always bring...

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15. Silly Girl

Silly Girl; started on a summer sunday, the pink dress on the setting sun; you were going to grandma's house, i was too scared to come; silly girl, i'm beggin' you; tell me all the things i want to he...

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16. Smashes Like Kournikova

I'll tell you a story; A diva in action; She touches the balls; In such a way my cock would rock; A new art is born; And Anna's the artist; It's an ordinary sport; And her appearances will mask your v...

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