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1. California

Up above the sunny skies in south California; There's a wounded rocket flying high, heading homeward; It came from a hollow, under a hill; And soon there'll be nobody left to kill; In California; Last...

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2. Early Morning Wake Up Call

You saw the sign on a pick-up truck; And bought a guitar with a borrowed buck; And you dig it, and you dig it; They liked your song, they were hot for you; You got the job, there was work to do; And y...

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3. Fat Night

Stand back momma and clear the floor; And ring your bell, close the door; I worked all week and I done alright; The fat cat's on next Saturday night; The drainpipe boogie, the shiny shoes; The fat bac...

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4. Hey St. Peter

The morning was cold and lonely; City lights old and grey; The sun arose trying to smile; Gave it all away; The honky-tonk called a stranger; The stranger couldn't pay the bill; Made a stand, raised h...

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5. Waiting For A Train

Wonder why it's getting cold at night; I must be getting old; Looks like I'm gonna have to wait a while; What the hell, I'm bored; What's that there on the railway line; Looks like my old brown shoe; ...

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6. Walking In The Rain

Walking down the street; Kicking cans; Looking at the billboard; Also ran; Summing up the people; Checking out the race; Doing what I'm doing; Feeling out of place; Walking, walking in the rain; Feeli...

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