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1. Bad Habit

Since you left, there's been a void inside my chest; Since you left. my body wants only to protest; Since you left, I've been a mess, I've been a mess; Since you left, since you left; I got so used to...

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2. Crescent Of The Moon

Life is made of memories; Short but ever sweet; Like a soft kiss blown on the breeze; And they're waiting for you; If life is a hit or miss; Then I ask for only this; I'd whiper oh my one wish in the ...

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3. Incoming

Think 'bout the world we lost; Think 'bout the day we never had; Think 'bout the devastation now; And keep the demons out of my head; 'Cuz I'm out my world, out of my way; Theres no more discretion; A...

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4. One Minute

I can't ever win; When I'm fighting with myself; I can only pretend for so long; Till I'm losing to myself; But my heart is fighting with my head; Is a hopeless case from start to end; I'll second-gue...

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5. Transition 1.0

It's a story of life (x3); (Please, forget me, forgive me, forfaith me); (Don't try me, don't cheat me, don't chase me); (I'm you, with you, to you); No! It started soon from burn; The flames turned i...

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6. Ultimate Sacrifice

I can give you all the love you want; But I know that'll never be enough; Because a home is made of more than just well wishing; And there so many things I can't give to you that you'll be missing; I ...

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7. Um Minuto (One Minute)

Eu não posso vencer; Quando brigo comigo; Posso só pretender; Fingir, porém eu não consigo; Mas meu coração encara minha mente; É um caso sem fim, foi tão recente; Mas eu percebo que cada passo meu; F...

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8. You and I

I'm breaking out of my shell; and I know I'm not alone; you all never seize to help; and it's so much more; than I could have ever asked for; you are there you care and believe in me; I'm now able to ...

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