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1. I Can't Hide

I can't hide the way I feel inside; I just gotta say it's you makes me feel this way; So come with me, we'll take a walk down by the sea; From now on you'll be the only girl for me; We got no time for...

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2. Shake Some Action

I will find a way; To get to you some day. Oh, but I, babe, I'm so afraid I'll fall, yeah. Now can't you hear me call? ; Shake some action's what I need; To let me bust out at full speed. I'm sure tha...

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3. Teenage Head

I'm a monster; got a revved up teenage head; Teenage monster; California born and bred; Half a boy and half a man; I'm half at sea and half on land, oh my; Bye-bye; Got a woman; she's my hopped up hig...

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