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1. Battlefield

Fire; By my side my dead friends; Blood; There's blood everywhere; ; This is War, This is War; It's the fight for power; This is life, This is Life; This is the fight for survival; Fighting, I open my...

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2. Laurel's Legend

When was a child he saved his mother; Showing his courage to the others; But he was jealous of his little rival; Zeus' son was a devil to him; Observing his training in the shadows; He didn't hold bac...

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3. Marks of Time

I lost my dreams; when I accepted the truth you told me; I lost my life; when you're gone and got lost in eternity; I lost my soul; in a dark and cold day; and dove in sorrow; not to be happy again; t...

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4. Serial Killer

Out at night in search for his victims; His thirst of blood is insatiable; Sick desires haunt him all night and day long; A lifetime based loneliness; Insane thoughts surround him; It's necessary to s...

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5. The Big Question

If we stop to think; How we carry on our lives; Living on fear of eternal punishment; We forget the essence of what is the most important; Following rules blindly; Not to go to hell; Be good for fear ...

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6. The Reaper

Reapers do not rest; Walk in the shadows searchingfor lost souls; The reaper, he will find you; He will give a final judgment, light or shade; The reaper walks to the streets looking for the victims; ...

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7. Whispers of Shadows

Lonely days, Distant Thoughts; And silence is disturbing; And the only thing I hear; is my thoughts; Solitary Thoughts, Absolute Silence; I'll go crazy in this world; Cries of agony, I cry for help; B...

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